About Me

Hiya. I’m Emily Petty Puckett Rodgers.

Kurt Vonnegut Library desk replication

At the Kurt Vonnegut Library, at a replica of the desk Mr. Vonnegut used to write most of his books.

I know that’s a mouthful but I’m proud of my family and where I come from (Fayetteville, Arkansas). I’m passionate about connecting people with the tools, ideas, processes or resources that are useful to them to achieve their goals and dreams.

Where I get my paycheck

I get to think hard, work with passionate and smart people, and experience the joy of learning on a daily basis.


Space, Design and Assessment Librarian, University of Michigan Library


Where I like to play

I don’t get paid to work with A2Geeks, a non-profit that makes Ann Arbor a “great place for creative and innovative people to live and work by opening the tech culture to everyone.” I don’t build technology but I do build relationships and community and spaces where people can use technology or connect with each other to accomplish their goals together.

What I like to think about

I’m interested in just about everything, especially to do with expression, culture (see: Southern), public spaces, workflows, organizational culture, art, literature, good food, friends, DIY, music, local economies, porch chillin’, information services, anthropology, design thinking, beer and wine, permaculture, nature, paper goods and paper arts, bookstores, literary magazines, geeks, technology and arts intersections, making things, play, and big-picture thinkin’.

When I’m not busy working or doing A2Geeks things, I’m usually cooking, reading, camping, or trying to learn how to be a better gardener.

Unless otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License (C) 2015. Emily Puckett Rodgers.

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