Hey girl,

“Being separated from you is as problematic as an object being removed from its context.”

A friend of mine recently shared this on Facebook.

I’m not a huge fan of Ryan Gosling but I do enjoy a good overly academic quote placed in a ridiculous situation and these are pretty laugh-worthy. I especially used to enjoy these kinds of activities when I was in college, studying Marxist theory and linguists like Voloshinov. In a way, these kinds of wordplay serve to test the field for the application of concepts, theories and perspective that are usually descriptive of “the real world” but live squarely in academia.

Now that social media makes it exponentially easy to share, we get to enjoy these kinds of multi-modal practices and play across time and space. It also reminds me how much my vocabulary has changed over the years from an earnest pre-anthropologist to a budding librarian to an edtech copyright nerd.


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