Convergence of Selves

When I was an undergraduate I studied abroad. Twice. When I graduated from college I worked abroad for six months and then took a monthlong detour back home through Europe. That was in 2006 and I haven’t been abroad since. In a few weeks I’m going to a global meeting for work that just happens to be taking place where I used to live in Cambridge, England. When I lived there I had the great fortune of working for the development and alumni office of the University of Cambridge and a lot of the folks from the office are still there. I also get the opportunity to visit a dear friend from graduate school in Edinburgh while I’m on the islands. It’ll be an interesting convergence of old coworkers, new colleagues, and recent friends–all across the ocean.

I’m very much looking forward to it for so many reasons. I get to solidify professional relationships I made a year ago at the same global meeting. I get to see what the emerging projects or trends are in global open education. I get to visit with old friends who knew me for my “American charm” and Southern speech and I get to reconnect with a friend who is doing work in a very closely related field, digital curation.

Here are some favorite photos from my time in England.


St. Catharine’s gate, just after a rainstorm.


Quayside, outside of work.


Trinity Street.


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