Those Content Moments at Work

I hope every one of us has moments at work where they are truly content with their work, situation in life, the moment in time. Summer always reminds me of the summer reading events at public libraries where librarians and staff get into a frantic rhythm of programming and fun. This afternoon I was reminded of one of my favorite responsibilities working in the Children’s Department of the Fayetteville Public Library. So here are some of my favorite memories (sometimes a single moment, sometimes a set of activities) of work, moments when I was truly happy or proud of my professional responsibilities and their results. 

Pet Protection Clinic

A Rottweiler named Denali jumping up next to me with excitement to be played with. She jumped from a standing position to about a foot over my 5’2″ frame. 

Fayetteville Public Library

Helping refugees from Hurricane Katrina get temporary library cards, find restaurants and local services. Saying good bye to those who returned to New Orleans. 

Wiping down (and putting back together) the wooden puzzles at the toddler tables each day. 

University of Arkansas Library

Walking to work through campus on a spring morning.  

Updating MARC records for the Arkansas History collection and taking a peek into history. 

University of Cambridge Development Office

Sorting the mail, which meant collecting stamps from all the letters received from all over the world. 

Talking with visiting alumni about their experiences going to school in Cambridge and sharing my own experiences working abroad. 

University of Michigan International Institute

Working in a group with the director to review and synthesize the Institute’s five-year strategic plan and learning about his voice, tone, writing style, and vision. 

University of Michigan School of Information

Meeting with my adviser and a colleague to talk about what we had learned about the interviews I conducted with public library directors, going over the themes and figuring out how they fit together.

University of Michigan Medical School

Presenting at the Open Ed conference in 2012 about our experiences as a team at Open.Michigan. Telling our story to others who were just as excited about their work as we were.

University of Michigan Library

Watching the faces of students having fun at the first ever job fair hosted for students by the library that I helped organize. 

Listening to presentations by local faculty members about their work, passion, and experiences. 


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