Taking the City Bus

I’ll be honest, I’m pro-millage. What? Here in Ann Arbor, there’s a millage up for the vote on May 6 about increasing the amount of taxes we pay to support our local public transportation. I’m not writing this post, though, to talk about why I support the millage, I just want to write about why I like taking the city bus.

I’m from Arkansas. I love Arkansas. It’s my home state and I’m proud of what we Arkansans accomplish in the state and out of it. I graduated from the University of Arkansas and I’ve always lived, essentially, downtown. That means you’re within walking distance to your work, your school, your family, and your play. Because (let’s face it), public transportation in northwest Arkansas is no BART or EL or METRO or AATA or anything remotely like that.

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This land is our land

Lately I’ve felt a bit bombarded by world events and corporate power: bombs, tornadoes, gun control, women’s rights, farmer’s rights, and the list goes on. I have signed a lot of petitions and sent a lot of requests to others to do the same through Twitter and Facebook.

Now, I’m requesting that you consider sending an email to Cargill (C&H Farms) about their decision to start an industrial hog farm (Swine Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) in the watershed of the United State’s first National River, the Buffalo National River. The amount of damage this farm can do in a single month is immense and nearly permanent (at least in our short lifetimes). The amount of economic value it will provide the community is negligible.

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